Friday, June 6, 2008

favorite movie

once you are done with picking your favorite music video you can now pick your favorite MOVIES ! from stargirl 12


piano guy!!!! said...

you mean favorite music video from the little youtube box thingy.

stargirl12 said...

piano guy i was wrong!

stargirl12 said...


videogamefool11 said...

hola people

piano guy!!! said...


Anonymous said...

Hey stargirl ^^
You want to be an author! That is great! I wanted to be an author when I was around 12. I used to write tons of stories in my notebooks. My best friend in middle school also loved writing. So every week we read each others' stories. It was really fun.

I didn't turn out to be a novelist, but a scholar. Oh, well, I am still an author, not fiction though :))

Your blog color is really cute. The design and elements reminded me of Jan and Piano guy's blog. Did you get help from them? It is really nice that you support each other. Both Piano guy and Jan were suggesting their visitors to see your blog. That is really nice of them.

It is good that you tell your visitors to do whatever they want on your blog. But it is 'your' blog :) You can practice your writing on your blog.

I wish you a great day!



stargirl12 said...

hello people!hi darker blue ,perfectly unperfect jan, piano guy,videogamefool11!and stargirl12 thats the whole group ... yeah bye for now i'll be on a difrent post.

piano guy!!! said...

Hi Darker Blue,

Yes, we helped Stargirl 12 with the blog, I guess that she worked on the posts, I worked on the clock, translator, and Jan helped do the videos and other details.

By the way, I discovered many new gadgets and widgets for the Favorite Thing Blog, so stop by at that blogand comment.

Thanks DB!

piano guy!!! said...

Hi people


YO PeOpLe this IS My fAvOrItE site , and it happens to be a blog! Click here! Actually, it's not my favorite site. But go there anywhaes.

stargirl12 said...

hi peoplle haveent been on for a while

Alex said...
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